by Aoshi

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“Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune

Fine folks who produced for, co-produced for, sung/rapped for, wrote lyrics/story for, remixed for, gave permission for or otherwise provided the source material for:

Julian Moon:
Somber: (writer of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons)

Artwork by HollowZero

This album contains audio samples from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and it's respective trademarks are owned by Hasbro. This is a fan made album for charity.


released December 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Aoshi Tokyo, Japan

Pensive music horse.

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Track Name: Malex - Hemlok (ft. Aoshi)
(Malex roll that shit)

I’m that zero day anomaly
You wouldn’t ever wanna find me
I’m grandfathered in all versions
Like a polymorphic odyssey, I’m-
Supreme compiler, latency defiler
Some say root, some say god
Say my name, end of line

Some say root, some say god--

I’m that gray hat son of a bitch
Script kiddie game a lag switch,
Observe a real glitch son
You speak l33t but you whine like a chobo
I’m godlier than gosu,
The artifact in your ghostview, I’m-
Assembly hemlock,
The pistol whip for ya’ll half cocked
And I won’t stop til the ashes drop
Won’t hear the shot till your brains pop
From the blow to this host
This whole session is toast
histfile history, no not a blip of me
Some say root, some say god
Say my name, end of line

Some say root, some say god--

I’m that bootstrap demon by proxy
You shitgrin your encryption
With embarrassing moxxy kid, I-
I malfunctions of this unholy mainframe
Leave ya crying like a baby
As you exit the game, I’m-
Recursive PK,
Firewall Roguelike not Jean Grey
And I'm here to stay, throw your coins away
DPS sway, blood type triple A
‘whoami’, you already know,
Crack so fast make your system blow
Say what you want about me motherfucker
Just say my name, end of line

Some say root, some say god--
Track Name: Aoshi ft. Evdog & LilyCloud - Different Alone
Man, all of these days they go by so fast
Once I thought a beautiful thing like this would always last
You gave me friendship, not a dream or magic show
It was the perfect place for me to be I feel it, I know
You’re gone, but your bright flame never goes out
Heartstrings so strong that even Lyra has her doubts
I keep tripping on our memories that I hold deep inside
Remember we saw Dash fly and we felt so alive?
I miss you. The world you helped me make will never be the same
And it’s fucked up that I’m still writing letters with your name
Derpy puts them in her mailbag, she’s waiting for the right time
I put lost and found posters up, please this has to be a crime
Where’d you go? Your kind glow always helped me to grow
The thought of you’s so strong it haunts each episode
All these empty graves in Equestria, please tell me what they mean
You taught Pinkie to smile, man I wish the world could have seen like

LilyCloud & Evdog-
Celestia, hear my prayers
Help me down this lonesome road
Cause the hardest thing bout letting go
Is being different alone

Celestia met with God right before you fell silent
I saw them both in your eyes just before I heard sirens
You started to fade into these memories we'd made
I’d have given my life in exchange, but you’d never ever trade
Gone, but on drifts the passions of your life song in
Melodies so sweet, even Octavia plays along and I’m sorry
Like Luna, there was a fear that I tried to hide
I can still feel the forgiveness of your ever loving eyes
I miss you. The surprise of these blind bags now left unclaimed
And it’s fucked up, but I’ve started getting letters with your name
Derpy’s brought me a few, she wears a smile as she flies
She wonders what went wrong, and she can’t help but cry
Where’d you go, there’s all of me in you and you in me
You’re fading slowly like two names etched upon a tree
And I’m empty like graves, will no one answer my plea
Shit, there’s another letter here, and it’s for me

Dear friendly white musician pony,
I've delivered your mother’s letters to you for a while now, and I can't do it anymore. I don't know how to tell you this, but your mother is gone and she won't be able to read your letters anymore. I'm very sorry. Your mother is in heaven now. It was wrong of me to try and keep your hopes up by pretending to be her, but she'll always know what you think of her. I promise. I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me. ~Derpy

LilyCloud & Evdog-
Celestia, hear my prayers
Help me down this lonesome road
Cause the hardest thing bout letting go
Is being different alone

You were never afraid to be different
You were never afraid, that’s what I miss most
You knew exactly how to make me smile
We were always just that close
It was a dark day when I lost my faith...